Your Stories are Sabotaging your Health

Guest Post by Amanda Maynard

How do you know that you have stories that are sabotaging your health?

  • Are you feeling the way you want to feel?
  • Is your health where you want it to be?
  • Are you keeping your health promises to yourself?

Believe it or not our well-being and wellness are directly linked to the stories we tell ourselves about what is possible or not possible for us. How we think directly affects how we feel; how we act; and how we are able to adapt and change our behaviours.

Stories arrive from core beliefs we have adopted for ourselves. They can be created from major events or inconsequential experiences that we add meaning to.

Most of these stories stem from childhood. Childhood, when we are still learning to interpret the world around us.

As children, as far as we know the world revolves around us.

It does right? Of course.

Therefore everything we experience is interpreted through that filter.  Those stories and interpretations stay with us for life or until we rewrite them.

They dictate how we see the world around us and most importantly how we value ourselves as human beings.

Unfortunately, very few of us were taught early to question the stories. Until now.

Now you have the opportunity and choice to do just that.

If your health or any other part of your life is not where you want or envision it to be, you need to start identifying and questioning your beliefs about yourself.

They are just stories you made up.

If you can make up the doozies that are trapping you in a state of health that you don’t want.

You might as well make up ones that support you to be all that you want to be.

So where do you start?

Start by letting go of the judgements you have made about yourself because they are just stories made up by a creative child.

For most of us, cultivating a positive mindset takes work and practices. You are going to fall down on the job. You are going to have days it just doesn’t seem to work. You are going to have days you feel crappy about yourself.

So what? You are human. Any person who tells you they do not have days like that is lying.

The key is to not use those days and moments to dictate the rest of your days and moments.

That is the secret. You get to choose every moment of every day what you want to believe and feel about yourself.

It is ok if some days suck because they are not forever.

You will find that the more you practice the exercise below. The more you allow yourself to believe the new stories. The stronger and fiercer you get in looking after you.

You will notice the bad stories get weaker and further apart. They will still come up from time to time to remind you that you are the creator of the stories. You get to choose which ones to put on your favorites list.

So as Tanya says, let’s Cut the Crap stories out and get to work, one story at a time and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.


1. For the next week, pay attention and record the stories that come to mind as you think about being proactive with your health.

2. After you write them down identify the ones that are not supporting you in and cross them out. Rewrite them into positive statement.

3. Whenever the story pops up. Replace it with your rewritten positive focus one.

I would love to hear your progress.

Drop on over and visit me at: – Your Mindset Mentor


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AmandaMaynardUsing her 30-years of spiritual training and teaching, Amanda has been teaching intuitive, spiritual and energy techniques in the workplace and privately now forover 10-years. Brining her unique laughter and humour to all her work she creates an environment of openness and trust, where boundaries are let down, and healing takes place. This makes her a sought after coach, presenter and speaker, because in in a short amount of time with Amanda, you experience exponential growth and progress. Amanda has been featured in her own radio program, Ask Amanda on VOCM, as well as on CBC Radio Noon and the CBC Morning Show. Amanda coaches and trains throughout Canada, the U.S. and within the region, and is often the go-to for leading healers, spiritual mentors, coaches and business leaders.