How Can I Help You?

There’s no quick fix here. You need commitment, dedication and the drive for change! I promote real food and lots of movement, there are no diets here. I look at you as an individual, I take a look at what you eat, your hormones, stress levels and relationships. These all matter and affect your health. And most importantly I force you to look at yourself. Attitude and Awareness are important to a healthy body, mind and soul. Scroll down for plans and pricing.

Work with Me

I lead an active life with quite a bit of traveling for business.  I was feeling sluggish and unenergized.  With Tanya’s help I identified some health challenges, and with her recommendations, in particular one simple (but important) change in my diet, I am feeling better than I have in years.  Thank you, Tanya!
Leisa Way

Singer/Actor/Producer, Leisa Way Productions

Plans and Pricing

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! You are ready for change and you want your health to be better. I would be honoured to help you on your journey to better health, to help motivate, support, challenge you and give you the arse kicking you need! Choose a plan below then take action and contact me. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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I have been trying to get healthier and lose some weight for years and it just wasn’t cutting it on my own. I have even gone to other personal trainers, but they just didn’t get my specific needs.  Tanya Fraser is the total package! Not only is she incredibly friendly and has the most amazing positive attitude, but she works with your individual needs from beginning to end. She gets to the “heart” (pun intended) of your health and works with what each individual body and personality needs. You can’t just workout, you need to eat right, drink right and think right and with Tanya, she will show you how to do that!  Thanks Tanya, for not only helping me shed the pounds I needed, but for helping me become a holistically healthier person!!
Dana Radke

Neonatal Nurse