What colour is your urine?

Ever pay attention to your pee? You should and I going to share with you why you should.

Urine is 95 percent water and five percent urea, uric acid, minerals, salts, enzymes, and various substances.

Normal urine is clear and has a straw yellow colour.

Now, there are many things that can change the colour such as foods, medications, supplements but certain health issues or disease can make the colour different.  So, it’s very important to again always look at what you are eliminating.

If your urine is a yellow this is the typical normal colour, sometimes it can be a very bright yellow, this is caused by B vitamins.

Red/pink – could caused by consuming foods such as beets, blueberries, or an iron supplement. If you have not consumed any of those, there could be blood, this could be a UTI (urinary tract infection) or maybe kidney stones.  If you ever see blood go to your doctors immediately, this is very very important.

If you see a deep orange or amber colour you are in a severe dehydration stay, so start drinking water immediately.  But it could also be due to orange foods such as squash or carrots, excess of caffeine, or there could be a more serious matter such as a liver problem or UTI, kidney stones. I would recommend you seeing your doctor if you are seeing this colour even if you are drinking a lot of water.

If it’s colourless – well you are drinking lots of water, you’re well hydrated

If you notice your urine is cloudy, this could be due to a uti, kidney problem, or a metabolic issues, I’d consult your doctor especially if you are also experience pain or burning when you urinate

Let’s talk smell quickly.

Urine typically doesn’t have a strong smell, but if you notice a pungent smell like ammonia, this could be a UTI or kidney stones, this could also be due to eating a lot of protein like meat and eggs.

Does it have a sweet or fruity smell – this could be a sign of diabetes. You to your doctor to get checked out right away.

Your body is always talking to you, it will always give you signs and signals that something is out of balance, it’s your job to pay attention.

Next time you pee, take a good look at it!