What People Are Saying


What my loving clients, podcast listeners and members of my courses and programs are saying. 

I have been trying to get healthier and lose some weight for years and it just wasn’t cutting it on my own. I have even gone to other personal trainers, but they just didn’t get my specific needs.  Tanya Fraser is the total package! Not only is she incredibly friendly and has the most amazing positive attitude, but she works with your individual needs from beginning to end. She gets to the “heart” (pun intended) of your health and works with what each individual body and personality needs. You can’t just workout, you need to eat right, drink right and think right and with Tanya, she will show you how to do that!  Thanks Tanya, for not only helping me shed the pounds I needed, but for helping me become a holistically healthier person!!

Dana Radke

Neonatal Nurse

I have “coped” with psoriasis for over 25 years and have literally tried “everything” to deal with it. Creams, salves, lotions and potions … I even thought about voodoo once! Tanya made one particular recommendation that has virtually cleared up the psoriasis on my elbows, knees and the small of my back. I still can’t believe it! Thanks Tanya – that recommendation coupled with the specific tips you offered on improving my diet, have resulted in my feeling better about myself than I have done in many years.

David Narin

Artistic Director

I lead an active life with quite a bit of traveling for business.  I was feeling sluggish and unenergized.  With Tanya’s help I identified some health challenges, and with her recommendations, in particular one simple (but important) change in my diet, I am feeling better than I have in years.  Thank you, Tanya!

Leisa Way

Singer/Actor/Producer, Leisa Way Productions

I will say that having certified Tanya as a personal trainer, I would recommend her, in an instant as your personal trainer, and I don’t say that super-often. Good luck Tanya.

Arleigh Winokur

Pro-Trainer, PTS, PT Station

Thank you Tanya for sharing your concern for we your followers. Your natural humor and energy always brighten the day and your podcasts are always real special.

Dwight Washabaugh


So many of the 7 easy steps are things I already knew. Tanya explains them so simply & thoroughly that it just clicks! Thank you Tanya for inspiring me:))).

Jenn Duff

I am thankful for what I have learned from you in this mini course. Most of the steps are becoming habit and I am noticing positive changes. For many years I have dealt with digestive discomfort, primarily in the bowel, and have been diagnosed with “non specific” colitis.  I have been prescribed A drug that helps calm the irritated bowel, but for a long time have been looking for a drug free route to healing.   Your six steps have produced noticeable benefits and I look forward to continued improvement.
You rock!
Bruce Janez

Just listened to episode 2. It was like you could see inside my thoughts. I care what people think about me, always wondering. I got up this morning thinking I should go to Curves, I knew I wanted to go, but my thoughts were not there to go. When I started the circuit, I was not really “there”, but I soon got into a positive frame of mind and came home glad that I went. Then I listened to your episode 2- WOW , you were direct, and I thought “she is talking just to me”
I am struggling with weight loss, I know the basics because I go to Curves & Weight Watchers. But, I can’t stop cheating, I go to WW and say “well life happened” & I don’t lose. Well, I know now that that is bullshit. Your frankness about getting my shit together, I really needed that, to do it for myself, not for others. Positive thinking starts NOW!!!
THANKS for a great episode.
Judy Taylor

Went to the Kombucha workshop tonight! Fabulous! Leaned a lot about SCOBY and their hotels and double fermention with herbs and spices. I LOVED the one with basil in it. Might need a bigger kitchen if I get serious about this. Very tasty stuff with amazing health benefits. Thank you Tanya!

Teresa Rebuk Snively

Holiday baking class was a steal at $35. Useable straight forward information, tasty desserts made with simple real ingredients and a good time. I would highly recommend getting on the Tanya Fraser train.

Stacey Pack