Take Control and Diminish PMS Symptoms with These 4 Foods

In episode 20 of the Cut the Crap & Keep it Real Podcast I had Ali Schueler as my guest and we were talking about our menstrual cycles and she also gave us some great tips on how to make PMS our bitch. I highly recommend you give that episode a listen.

Today I want to give you some foods that can help alleviate PMS symptoms before they start and a couple of my own tricks to help ease cramps and moodiness.

So let’s start with food. The trick here is to consume these on a regular basis but really think about eating them, at least, a week before day one of your period.

Essential fatty acids most importantly omega 3. I’ve talked in depth about fats in episode 9, I’d recommend listening to that episode if you are looking for greater detail about what fats are safe to consume, how to cook them and store them. You really want those healthy fats. Chia seeds, hemp, eggs (if you eat them), fatty fish like wild salmon. EFA’s help boost your mood and function like an anti-depressant. They can really help balance our mood and prevent those moments when you want to punch your significant other in the throat.

Magnesium. Right before or during your period you may get an insane craving for chocolate. That’s because a good quality raw dark chocolate has magnesium and magnesium helps relax our muscles, it’s great to help ease the cramps. I also like to drink a cup of magnesium in hot water before doing to bed. You can buy magnesium powder and before going to sleep put in it hot water and drink. This is also a great way to help you sleep too. Because when it’s that time of the month our sleep is also disturbed.

Leafy greens. Kale, spinach, romaine. Ever get acne on your period. Leafy greens have an abundance of health benefits and should be consumed daily. But they are rich in vitamin A which a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents dry skin and acne.

Stay hydrated. So so important. Keep drinking your water. Aim for 2 to 3 litres daily. Ever feel like a puffy marshmallow. You bloat, breasts are tender, feet and hands swell. Some of us can gain up to 5 lbs a week before our periods. Crazy eh?

At lastly, my go-to trick for cramps. Heat. If I can stay home, I’ll just lie down with a heating pad or hot water bottle and put it directly on my cramps. The heat really helps to relax the muscles and reduce cramps. If I have to be active and go outside. I use those heat strips you can use for back pain or shoulders pain. You can buy them in any pharmacy. I stick them right on my abdomen, they can last up to 12 hours some of them. So all day I’ve got this relaxing heat which helps reduce the need to punch someone in the face if they look at me the wrong way!!