Why I Started Cut the Crap Club

The Cut the Crap Club is something I have been working on for months and months. It all came about because I had clients who wanted to continue working with me but didn’t have a) the finances to continue meeting with me each week and b) couldn’t afford the 1 hour of time to work out with me.

As a nutritionist and personal trainer, it’s always hard to hear that a client can no longer continue for whatever the reason. It hurts because I see them doing so well, their body is changing, they are getting stronger, more flexible and feel less pain. Their attitude and outlook on life are becoming more positive and I see them growing into themselves and gaining more self-worth and confidence.

So when those clients said they could no longer continue, I had to find a way for them to continue their healthy journey without them struggling with time or money. They had worked so hard to get where they were I didn’t want them to ‘fall off the wagon’ for lack of a better term. I’ve seen it many times before, when clients stop working with me, they no longer have the accountability and motivation. It’s so easy to say, tomorrow, or just this one cookie (which often always turns into 8 cookies or the whole box!)

Does any of that sound familiar?

That’s when it hit me!

I could create workout videos and meal plans for my clients and send them every couple of weeks. My clients loved the idea and said let’s do it.

This is how Cut the Crap Club was born.

My mission has been and still is, to make healthy living realistic, accessible and doable for everyone and anyone who wants change. Who wants to live a healthier life. Who desires to be stronger, fitter, happier and feel more confident in themselves.

I get how busy we are all, how stressed for time we are. That money is tight. That you are tired and have no energy. That maybe you have low self-confidence and don’t feel you are worth the investment.

But the truth of the matter is this.

Without your health. What do you have?

Not a whole lot.

When we are healthy, when we feel like we’ve got all the energy in the world. When we feel strong. When we feel happy with ourselves. When we love the way we look. When we fit into those pair of jeans from 10 years ago. When we wake up in the morning pain-free.

We feel rich. We can do anything. The world is our oyster.  

Your health is your most important asset.

The choices you make about your health is solely your responsibility.

Keep this in mind, every time you put something into your mouth you are either fighting disease or feeding it.

Yes, I know it can be hard and confusing and frustrating. But those things can be overcome and shouldn’t be the things that stop you from reaching success in your life.

How many times have you said, “tomorrow”, or “Monday” or “in the new year”?

How many times have you gone back and forth on a decision to make the healthier choice and take action?

Don’t you think, it’s time to stop the flip flopping, the frustration, the overwhelm and make the leap.

If you believe that you deserve the best health, if you believe you deserve to feel sexy and strong, if you believe you should wake up each day with vibrance and energy, if you believe that you are worth more.

Then I encourage, to become a member of Cut the Crap Club, right now, in this moment.

Too many tomorrows, Mondays and next years have already passed you by.

And I believe you are worth it.

Join now, enrolment will be closing Monday, July 4th at 11pm EDT.