Speaking and Lectures

Speaking and Lectures

I love speaking in front of audiences both big and small. For over a decade I worked as an actor on stage and in film and with my sketch and improv training through The Second City I know how to entertain and make an audience laugh.

I’ve been known to entertain, inspire and energize any room. Your audience will leave excited and motivated to make the changes to begin living their most passionate and fulfilling life, full of health, vitality and happiness.


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Some companies I’ve done speaking events for:

Veggie Fest
McMaster Children’s Hospital
Go Cooking
YWCA Encore

Educating and sharing my knowledge in a fun and no nonsense style is why clients and companies hire me. My approach is about simplicity and providing my audience with actionable steps they can easily implement right away.


Past Topics have included:

  • Kombucha 101 – how to brew the ‘tea of immortality’ at home
  • Healthy and Guilt Free Desserts – gluten free and vegan dessert you can eat without feeling guilty
  • Fats & Oils – why they are important for optimal health, how to safely consume them
  • Label Reading 101 – shop with confidence, understand what your food products are really saying and are they truly healthy for you
  • Boost your Immunity with Real Food – learn what foods are available all year round and keep your immune system strong and healthy
  • Healthy Eating for Kids – creative ways to get your kids to eat more than just chicken fingers and fries
  • Nutrition & Fitness Tips for Shift Workers – when working shifts your health can sometimes take a back seat, I share tips and ideas to keep your health priority #1
  • Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive – how much are you spending on real food or food like products
  • Sugar: The Other White Drug – how much sugar do you really need, how harmful is it and what are some healthier alternatives
  • A Diet for Success – why it’s important for entrepreneurs to take care of #1 first then your business

Let’s chat! Let me know what your event is about, where is it and the topic you’d like me to talk about.

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