Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where did Tanya study nutrition?

Tanya studied Natural Nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated with an RHN designation.

Where did Tanya study to become a personal trainer?

Tanya got her Personal Training Specialist designation from Can-Fit Pro.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, is a professional trained in Natural Nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.

A holistic nutritionist focuses on the whole person, acknowledging that everyone is unique and, hence, has unique needs. The goal is to unify the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of a client’s life to promote healing and wellbeing.

A holistic nutritionist believes that there is no one diet or lifestyle that is right for everyone all of the time; there are no miracle foods or herbs that will cure all illnesses. Because everyone is different, every effort is made to understand each person’s individual needs, likes and dislikes in order to formulate the best diet, supplement, and lifestyle approach for that person. A holistic nutritionist will help educate you about the best food and lifestyle choices for you.  They will help you understand the truth about real food and wellness, and help you make the right choices to find your optimum self.  A holistic nutritionist will also help make sense of all the health information bombarding you on a daily basis; whether it be from magazines, books, TV, radio, or other individuals.

What’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian?

A nutritionist is quite similar to a dietitian but differs on many levels.  Dietitians, in Canada, are trained institutionally, meaning they work in institutions like hospitals, retirement home facilities, and other government run establishments.  They are trained to follow the Canada food guide when dealing with clients and/or meal plans, and work according to those guidelines.

Nutritionists are trained in a broad range of modalities alongside their standard nutritional training.  Holistic nutritionists are trained in many fields outside of nutrition including Ayurveda, Energy Medicine, and Herbal Medicine.  These fields have a great deal of significance when dealing with clients nutritionally and are therefore included as part of the holistic training.

Are Registered Holistic Nutritionists (RHN) Covered by Insurance Companies?

The services of RHN’s are eligible for coverage under many extended healthcare plans. Please inquire with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

What is Personal Training

Did you know…
that IDEA (International Health and Fitness Association), released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer.

Personal Training gets results and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention!

If you want to really increase your fitness level, need motivation to keep fit or want to look your best for a special occasion consider  working with a personal trainer.

How can Personal Training help me?

Personal trainers are fitness experts who help you attain greater fitness and health awareness. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated and challenged. Personal trainers help in various ways:

  • Motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback
  • Measure your strengths and weakness
  • Advise on cardio, resistance, flexibility, nutrition and general health matters
  • Guide you in the correct technique
  • Give varied exercises to keep you keen and improve your fitness
  • Commit to turning up each week – and ensuring you do too!

Too many people stay on the same program for an extended period of time and wonder why they’re no longer experiencing changes in their fitness level.  Programming updates are very important to ensure ongoing progress.  This is where  a personal trainer can help you gain the health and fitness level you desire.

How can I work with Tanya?

Please check my work with me page for more information how you can work with me one-on-one.

I also speak and give lectures on various topics. You can read more about that on my Speaking and Lectures page.

I’ve got {enter health issue here}. What can Tanya recommend for me?

I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose, treat or cure any healthy conditions. As a Holistic Nutritionist I help correct imbalances in the body using food and some supplementation.

never give any recommendations without first doing a complete nutritional analysis and I do not make any health recommendations over email.

If you are suffering from a health issue please contact me to set up a nutritional analysis and to speak further.