Cut the Crap from your Beauty Ritual

Guest post by Stacey Pack

Cut the crap, keep it real is a simple conscious way to think about your skin and its care. Your skin is your largest organ and the body’s first line of defence. The skin requires internal and external nourishment and protection to function optimally. There is plenty of “crap” to cut when keeping it real with beauty ritual. First, there is diet. Many skin conditions are directly related to the digestive system. Poor nutrient absorption is often the root cause of pre-mature aging and acne. These two conditions are the most common culprits that lead to poor self image where the skin is concerned. A diet of processed food, sugar and dairy cause inflammation that can impair digestion. Cutting down or eliminating these types of food will encourage healthy functioning skin. Getting enough sleep and regular movement will also aid in your quest for glowing skin.

As an aesthetician I’ve been asked many times about the effectiveness of topical skin care products and treatments. Do they really work? The answer is yes and no. It is estimated that women are exposed to over 100 toxic ingredients before leaving the house each morning. Mainstream toxic laden products will not produce the glowing skin you’ve been wishing for. The alternative is selecting products and treatments that are made with farmed ingredients that are processed at low or no heat to protect their efficacy. I choose Eminence Organics, a company that has been utilizing sustainable farming and green practices to produce effective, natural, organic and biodynamic products. I like to simplify this by saying it’s like a raw food diet for your face. Understanding the origin of the ingredients in your products is important.

Lastly cut out comparing yourself to other women. We are unique. Don’t fill your head with celebrity culture and mainstream attitudes about what women should be or look like. Live your life, be yourself, cut the crap and keep it real. And for the love of all that is good, wear non toxic sunscreen.



Stacey PackStacey Pack is an aesthetician and Director of Casablanca Conscious Beauty. She is committed to redefining beauty, by empowering women to love themselves and integrate beauty rituals and behaviours that create harmony in your heart and in our beautiful natural world. Photo taken by Robin Krummins