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7 Day Mini Course to Better Digestion!

Easy Actionable Steps to Improve your Digestion in 7 Days

Jenn Duffield

So many of the 7 easy steps are things I already knew. Tanya explains them so simply & thoroughly that it just clicks! Thank you Tanya for inspiring me:))).

Kyle Maher

An easy course to follow and implement, with a cute and cheery host to motivate you along the way!


Tanya is wonderful, knowledgeable and supportive. She is constantly giving useful tips along the way. Definitely take the Challenge!

Suffering from digestive issues?

Let me help you improve your digestion and health in just one week with easy to-do, no excuse action steps.

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hipporates

Poor digestion can lead to all sorts of discomfort, poor gut health, digestive issues and disease from heartburn to indigestion, allergies to constipation, fatigue to auto-immune disease and the list goes on.

You have heard the saying “you are what you eat”, I’ll take it one step further and say “you are what you eat and absorb”.  You may be eating the highest quality foods on this planet, but if your digestion is not working optimally, then it’s going to be hard to absorb the nutrients in your food, and therefore you will not receive their full benefits.

Building a strong digestive system is the first step to having a strong and healthy body and mind.

Would you like to:

  • no longer suffer from constipation
  • not feel bloated after eating a meal
  • have more energy when you wake up in the morning
  • have clearer glowing skin
  • not feel fatigued after eating
  • have a body that feels strong and healthy

Ok, well, let’s stop with the excuses and take action now.

I can show you in just 7 days how you can take easy, simple, painless (yes, I know they all mean the same thing!) steps to improve your digestive system.

The task is up to you, while these steps are easy to do they are also easy not to do.  The choice is yours.  Only you can improve your health and life.  It is no one’s responsibility but your own.

What you will get from this mini course:

  • 7 days of informative, fun, and inspiring videos that teaches you about your digestion and how to improve it.
  • Get clear on what digestion is and why it’s so important to work on it first.
  • Explore how improving your digestion can help you lose weight, curb cravings, increase energy, keep you regular and create beautiful glowing skin. 
  • private Facebook group that only we have access to. This is a safe place for us to support, motivate, and share our stories and struggles with each other. We are all in this together. You don’t have to be alone in your journey to better digestion and health.
  • My personal support.  I’m with you every step of the way, I’m your cheerleader and no excuse motivator.
  • A feeling of pride that you accomplished something great, greater happiness and a brighter outlook that health can be obtained with small easy actionable daily steps.

Don’t waste anymore time. You ARE worth it. Take action NOW.

Sign up below and begin your journey to a healthier, happier you.