Breast Cancer Thriving and Surviving

with Carole Sanek

Hello and here we are at the end of April, wow, is time flying by. Do feel as you get older time is going by faster and faster. This past weekend there were many earth day celebrations happening around the world. Which I think is fantastic. But I believe every day should be earth day. Every day we should be conscious of what we are doing to our planet. Now, you may be thinking, we’ll there’s nothing I can do about global warming or the climate of the planet. But there is. There are many things we can do and many things we can teach our children to do. This year’s theme was trees, planting trees to help our planet. Trees help combat climate change. They absorb excess and harmful CO2 from our atmosphere. Trees help us breathe clean air. Trees help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability and provide food, energy and income.

There are plenty of organizations around the world that are dedicated to planting trees and protecting our forests. You can easily do a search online and make a donation to plant a tree. Or plant a tree in your own community or backyard if you have one. My husband and I planted 2 apple trees on our property last year. There’s nothing better than going outside and picking an apple and eating it right away, what a difference from the apples you buy in the store.

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In this episode, we talk aboutCarole Sanek

  • Live in fear – die in fear
  • Why you need to get ahold of stress
  • What to say or not say to someone with cancer
  • Know your breasts
  • Making your own decisions
  • and much more

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