Remember Blue Skies On Days When You Feel Like Sh*T

Happy Groundhog day!

For those of you who live outside of North America may not be familiar with Groundhog Day. Basically a groundhog tells us there is 6 more weeks of winter or not. If the groundhog sees his shadow, they we’ve got 6 more weeks, if not, then we’ve got an early spring. Yes, it’s very weird. But anyways, happy groundhog day.
There’s also a great movie called Groundhog Day with Bill Murray that is very funny!

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We’ve all experienced those days or even stretches of time in our lives where we felt nothing was going our way, we felt depressed, a tragic event happened or you were feeling lousy and didn’t really know why. Think of blue skies my friend, I’ll explain all after the cut the crap tip of the week.  

In this episode, we talk about

  • how life is like the weather
  • what to do when you feel like a victim
  • how to stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something
  • how to get out of the darkness and into the light

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