Boost Your Metabolism

with Tanja Shaw

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So, I had an amazing weekend. The weather right now is beautiful, you’d never know it’s almost the end of January, for Canada we are having an extremely mild winter. It’s incredibly beautiful when the sun is shining and the snow is glistening on the ground, it’s like a postcard.
This weekend I met up with some old friends I went to highschool with and OMG did I have a blast, we picked up exactly where we left off. We laughed the entire night. If find it amazing that with some people no matter how long time has passed it feels like no time as passed at all. You just get each other, you click. When you find those people, nurture those relationships because it’s those relationships that make life fun and exciting.

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Is your metabolism sluggish, do you need to rev it up, do you even know what your metabolism is and what it does? Then you are in luck because my guest Tanja Shaw (yes, another Tanya!) is the expert when it comes to metabolism and how to boost it naturally.

In this episode, we talk aboutTanja Shaw

  • What is your metabolism
  • Why is it important to boost your metabolism
  • How does stress effect it
  • What’s the connection between your metabolism and mindfulness
  • Why sleep is important for a strong metabolism
  • and much more

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