Getting Fit with HIIT

with Gerald Smith

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How is 2016 working out for you so far? Did you have goals, intentions, desires you want to complete and achieve this year? But let me ask you this, have you written them down? The only way you are really going to take action on your goals is to write them down, review them regularly and set deadlines to them. I’m sure you’ve all heard that before. I’m going to add one more thing. Put a consequence to the goal if you don’t reach it. One idea is to make your goals public, tell the world, if you don’t try to achieve them, then you’ve got to answer to the world to friends and family. How embarrassing. Another idea is to take out $1000 dollars from your bank account or another high amount you can afford. Give it to a friend and tell them only to give that money back to you when you’ve reached your goal, if you don’t they get to keep the money. That should get you motivated don’t you think!

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In today’s episode we are removing the excuse you don’t have the time to workout once and for all. My guest Gerald Smith joins me from merry old England to talk about how we can start moving our bodies, get fitter and stronger in the least amount of time.

In this episode, we talk aboutGerald Smith

  • What is HIIT and what are the benefits
  • How to measure intensity
  • What exercises and movements can you do
  • What is the rest period
  • How to get the mind ready to workout
  • and much more

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The Fit Executive free download

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r) by Susan Jeffers

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