Tired of Being Tired

with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

Dia duit, hello here I am in raining Ireland!  Well, the sun has come out a few times, but it’s mostly raining, but it’s all good, I’m having a great time here. It’s great to see my grandparents, my family  and friends.

I’ve been indulging in lots of food, all my old favourites such as boiled bacon, with cabbage, potatoes and parsley sauce, traditional irish breakfasts where everything is fried and many sweet treats and chocolate. Oh, yes. I’m being bad, but it’s oh so good.

Of course I don’t eat this way everyday, and when I vacation I do indulge, but I also know when to stop. However, when I’m back in Ireland I just let loose and have fun. And I have no guilt whatsoever. That’s the key. You’ve got to learn how to remove the guilt. That will be a topic I’ll cover in a future podcast episode. Here’s the thing, it’s only one week, I’m seeing family, I’m enjoying myself now because I know when I get back home, I’ll be getting back into my routine, hard, because I like my routine, I like working out, I like feeling good about myself, so it’s not going to be much of a chore to do so. Now, not everyone is there, some of you feel if you were to let loose for even a day let a lone a week, then it all goes to shit. It’s does take time and it does take conditioning. Again, I cover this topic on another episode.

Once I get back I’ll share with you photos of my adventures and some of the food I’m enjoying!

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Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel like everyday is a chore because you’ve got nothing in the tanks, the only way to way up in the morning is with a litre of coffee. Well, my guest Dr. Carri is giving us some insight today into fatigue, what is making us tired and what we can do about it.

In this episode we talk aboutDr. Carri

  • What is functional medicine
  • What are 8 causes of chronic fatigue
  • How boxing can help you
  • How to get a hold of stress and blood sugar issues
  • Parasites and their connection to fatigue

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Dr. Carri’s book – Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again!

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success* by Jeff Olson

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