Money: It loves to be counted

with Joan Sotkin

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What are you thoughts on money? Do you feel like you are always struggling, there’s never enough money? Well, it could all be done to your emotions and how you think of money. My guest Joan Sotkin shares all with us.

In this episode we talk aboutJoan Sotkin

  • Who you are effects your income
  • How you deal with money is how you deal with yourself
  • Ways to express emotions
  • Why it’s important to manage cash flow
  • Making change = moving stupids

Resources & Links Mentioned

Joan’s  Website

Joan on Facebook

Joan on Twitter

Back to Eden: The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods, and Home Remedies since 1939* by Jethro Kloss

Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal* by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

* = affiliate link

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