Organic Farming

with Jessie Sosnicki

Celebrate good times come on! Yes. It’s Organic week. And this we’re talking all things organic. What is organic week? It’s annual celebration of organic food, farming and products. It’s a time to learn more about organic food and it’s impact on our health, organic farming and the impact on our environment. It’s a week to bring awareness to organics and their benefits. So, this week I challenge you to go organic. Just one week. Do it. See how you feel. But enjoy how it tastes. Because there are foods that just taste way better when their organic.

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In this episode we talk aboutSosnicki Family 2015

  • What is organics and organic farming
  • The health benefits to our bodies and environment
  • How does organic farmers manage pests and disease
  • Do organic spray
  • What to ask your farmers

Resources & Links Mentioned

Sosnicki Farm Website

Sosnicki Farm on  Facebook 

Sosnicki Farm on Twitter

Sosnicki Farm on Instagram

Food Matters TV – Of the Land Documentary

The Organic Effect – one family goes organic for a week

The Alphabet of Avoidance* by Lisa Borden

* = affiliate link

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