Boost your Immunity and Prevent Disease

Hello and Happy September! How’s this for a mind fuck…there’s just over 3 months left in 2015. Can you believe that? My mind is blown. Christmas is here in 107 days. Yes. Crazy right. I’ve already seen christmas stuff in stores. Which I think is absolutely ridiculous, let us get back to school, how about Halloween, and if you’re in Canada or the US how about Thanksgiving. Can we do that first please. It seems like we are always in a rush to get to the next thing instead of being in the moment and enjoying what’s in front of us. I don’t even think about Christmas until December, so feck off!! LOL

But I just want to go back to that thought for a second, living in the moment. We hear it all the time, but we don’t really take it to heart and because of that we let moments pass us by. And therefore we regret. And regrets are the worse thing to live with. Do you have regrets? Many of do. If you were to look back at those regrets, what would you do differently? You would probably, take a chance, seize a moment, you’d LIVE life. Right!  Well, because you’re alive right now, and I know you are because you’re listening to me. So, you can’t get out of this one! haha. This week you’re going to do something for yourself. You are going to take the moments to live life when they are right there in front of you. I want you to dive right in, seize the moment, take a chance, LIVE life. Whatever it is, whether it’s finally putting on those running shoes you’ve been staring at all summer and getting off your arse and going for a run, or finally asking him or her on a date, or telling someone you love them, or saying no to something or someone. DO IT. Invest in your moment this week. You’re worth it. is offering you a free audiobook of your choice and a free 30-day trial membership. Just go to and choose from over 180,000 audio programs – download a title free and start listening. It’s that easy.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for my free 7 day mini course to better digestion. It’s an easy way to start improving your digestion within one week. Let’s face it, we’ve all suffered from indigestion, or heartburn, or we feel bloated after week. These simple tips you’ll learn in this course will start you on the right path to improving your digestion and overall health.

In this episode we talk about

  • What is your immune system
  • What drains your immune system and what boosts it
  • My top 10 foods to keep your immune system strong
  • How exercise, sleep and stress affect your immunity
  • A 10 step plan to keep you immune system in check

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