Oral Health: The Mouth and Body Connection

with Dr. Steven Lin

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In this episode we talk aboutDr steven Lin

  • What’s the connection between our mouths and what we eat?
  • How oral health is a good indicator for disease in the body
  • Why bacteria/microbes in the mouth is important
  • What effect the growth of our teeth as children
  • How important is breastfeeding is to our oral health
  • Is fluoride needed in toothpaste

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Free giveaway – www.drstevenlin.com/e-books – Two E-books that explore societies and their healthy traditions with the work from Dan Buettner’s ‘The Blue Zones’ and Dr Weston Price’s ‘Nutrition And Physical Degeneration.

The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest* by Dan Buettner

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration* by Dr. Weston Price

Thinking, Fast and Slow* by Daniel Kahneman

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