Trying is Lying

with Irina Baranov

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Good day, Dia Duit (that’s hello in irish). I’m feeling very international today. I’ve been getting emails from people all over the world saying how much they are enjoying the podcast and how it’s adding value to their lives. It’s so amazing to see you taking action, and implementing what we talk about on this show. So, keep it up, keep making change because life only get better when we do.

So, there’s a couple of exciting things to share with you today.

Have you heard of this new app called periscope for your phone? If not, check it out. It’s live video streaming. For example, I can turn on my phone and do a live video and you can watch it and ask questions or write comments. It’s really neat. I am now scoping (that’s what’s it called when you do a video), you can follow me and my handle is tanyafraserrhn. Once you follow me, anytime I’m doing a scope you’ll be notified. If you can’t watch the video live, you’ll have 24hrs to watch the replay. I’m thinking I’ll do monday motivation videos, maybe take you into my kitchen and cook, or do a workout, or maybe just do one of my rants. Again, you can follow me at tanyafraserrhn. Periscope, check it out, it’s so future.

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What is the cut the crap membership club?

Well, firstly it’s going to be a fun place to hangout. It’s designed for you and me to inspire, motivate, push and give each other an arse kicking when we need it.

We all have dreams, goals and desires and we all have good intentions of completing those goals. But it’s hard to go it alone.

When we have someone to help us along the way, when we have a group of people going through the same thing, then we can hold each other accountable and achieve our goals with greater success.

This group is going to consist of support, I’m going to show you how to manage your time more efficiently, I’m going to help you create more balance in your life, be happy, find more energy, have more self-confidence, feel more empowered, strong and of course healthy.

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Irina Baranov is my special guest this week and we get down and dirty about how we are talking to ourselves and why it’s important to know our ‘big why’ in order for us to take action and make like happen.

In this episode we talk aboutIrina Baranov

  • Remedies for headaches
  • What are you really saying when you say “I’m working on it” or “I’m trying”
  • Are we afraid of failure or success?
  • What is your ‘big why’
  • Trying is lying
  • How to get back into integrity
  • Five steps for success in anything you do

Resources & Links Mentioned

Irina’s Website

Irina on LinkedIn

Playing it Forward: The Definitive “How To” Model for Creating a Winning Workplace Culture* by Nat Measley and Nick Gianoulis

Radical Acceptance* by Tara Brach

* = affiliate link

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