Grieve and Celebrate Life

with Lisa Montoya

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We are in the last week of April and Cancer awareness month. So I wanted to touch on the topic of grief, how to cope with it, to understand there is no right way to grieve, that grieving is very personal and that we should never judge anyone that is going through this process. The truth is are all going through grief of some sort at different times of our lives. I have Lisa Montoya joining me today she is a grief counsellor and expert and is going to share her wisdom with us on this topic.Lisa Montoya

In this episode we talk about

  • Myths about grief
  • Understand there is no ‘right way’ to grieve
  • How to cope with grief when someone close to us is dying
  • Hope to cope with our own illness
  • Why it’s so important to pay attention to self-care
  • What to do with unresolved grief
  • How to put it all into action with this weeks ‘Keep it Real Action Steps’

Resources & Links Mentioned

Lisa’s Website

5 Stages of Grief – Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Pros and Cons of Coffee

Boundless Love: Transforming Your Life with Grace and Inspiration by Miranda Holden

A Course in Miracles – Original Edition Text by Helen Schucman

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