The Magical Powers of Raw Food with Russell James The Raw Chef

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My guest today is The Raw Chef Russell James and he joins me from all the way from London, England. We are going to be talking raRussell James The Raw Chefw food, what exactly is it, how to get started, what is one the biggest struggles and what equipment you will need.

In this episode we talk about

  • What exactly is raw food
  • How raw food can improve you skin
  • You’re not failing if you are eating cooked food
  • What is one of the biggest struggles when transitioning to raw
  • How to begin
  • What equipment is required
  • How to put it all into action with this weeks ‘Keep it Real Action Steps’

Resources & Links Mentioned

The Raw Chef Website

Russell on Facebook

Russell on Twitter

Russell on Instagram

Karen Knowler

Matthew Kenney

Raw The UNcook Book by Juliano

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Midas Method: How You Can Give Up Your Job and Make a Million Pounds Instead by Stuart Goldsmith

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