Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Fáilte, welcome to a very special episode of the Cut the Crap & Keep it Real podcast.  Today is  St. Patrick’s Day.  So we’re just going to have some fun today.  Today is all about enjoying ourselves, we’ll have great craic (and that means a good laugh/a great time, not the stuff you may snort up your nose or shoot up your arm, you whatever you do with it) and of course we’ll learn something.

I’m going to share with you some facts about St. Patrick himself, you’ll learn a little more about the Irish people, our culture, traditions, I’ll share some jokes, Irish recipes and much more.  And to get you in the mood of my story telling episode I’m going to be talking as if I were back home in Ireland.  I’m putting on the accent, hopefully you’ll be able to understand me.  I’ll try not to talk too fast for ya.

In this episode we talk about

  • St. Patrick and his story
  • The meaning of some notable irish symbols
  • Irish food, music and storytelling
  • Irish jokes and humour
  • Interesting facts about Ireland
  • And much more

Resources & Links Mentioned

Green Cupcakes

Irish Soda Bread (aka Brown Bread)

Irish Potato Soup

26 Interesting Facts about Ireland

Origin of Halloween in Ireland

Tullamore History – my hometown

Facts about Tullamore – my hometown

Population of Ireland

List of famous Irish People

Irish Accents – Video


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Music credit: Dedicated (Celtic Flute Mix) by Duck.  If you like the intro music, I encourage you to listen to the entire song here.