Get the Skinny on Fats & Oils

It’s March already! Spring is almost here…we just have to hold out just a little longer.  I’m so excited to feel the warmth of the sun, it makes me so happy.  March is National Nutrition Month. So I’m going to start off the month with getting down and dirty with fats. Over the years working with clients, one area that I find consistent, especially with women is their fear of eating fat.  They’re afraid it’s going to make them fat.  Are you one of these women?  Well, today, I’m going to remove that fear (hopefully) and share some truths about why you want to eat fat and why your body needs it to survive.

In this episode we talk about

  • why it’s important to look at your poop
  • what are the functions of fat in your body
  • why fats are beneficial for your health
  • which oils are best to fry with
  • butter vs. margarine – which is better?
  • storage, labelling and packaging of oils and fats

Resources & Links Mentioned

Bristol stool chart

What you see in the toilet says a lot about you

Colour of your poop

High Fibre Foods

Benefits of butter

Butter vs. Margarine

Why Butter is Better

Fats that Heal Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus

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