Why you Should NOT Join Cut the Crap Club

Why you Should NOT Join Cut the Crap Club

Why you Should NOT Join Cut the Crap Club

Membership to my Cut the Crap Club will be closing it’s doors to new members on Monday, July 4. While there are many reasons why you should join.

Today I’m going to explain why you should NOT join. Crazy right!

Reason #1 – You Don’t Need Help Because You are 100% Perfect

Yep, that’s right. If you can confidently say you are 100% perfect in every way, if you’ve got your shit together and don’t need any help from anyone. Well, then, I envy you! Can you please share with me your secret sauce. Because I think we all want to drink that kool-aid!

Even though I’m a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, I STILL have struggles when it comes to my health, when it comes to managing my time, when it comes to planning meals, when it comes to motivation to move my arse and workout and the big one…learning how to slow down and manage the stresses in my life.

So, what do I do? I seek out help, I’m always learning, experimenting and getting coaching from my mentors and colleges. Because I know I can’t do anything alone, and the only way I can be truly successful and healthy is with support, motivation and accountability. And this is a huge part of Cut the Crap Club.

But you’re perfect right, you don’t need any help!

Reason #2 – You are stress-free and manage your time like a pro

Seriously, you’ve got to share your secret sauce! One of the most common struggles I hear is “I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy”, “There are not enough hours in my day”, you get the idea, or maybe not because you manage your time like a pro.

But let me tell you what life is like for us mere mortals. We struggle all the time with deadlines, family priorities, work schedules, kids, family, housework, well, the list goes on. And what ends up happening is we forget to look after ourselves. When that happens our health declines, we put on weight, we give in to our sugar cravings, we are moody, our skin breaks out, we get joint pain, we can’t sleep and our energy levels are totally zapped.

In Cut the Crap Club I want to help you eliminate or at least handle those stresses with more ease. To guide you to the understanding that your health has to be your #1 priority in order for you to win and be successful every day.

But I don’t need to tell you this!

Reason #3 – You have no health struggles

Ok, now you’re just showing off!

What a world it would be if we were all living a healthy pain-free life. We would all be in a happier richer world, don’t you think? The truth of the matter is, we have complete control over our health and our bodies. We make choices every day that either fight disease or feed it. Our lifestyle is a huge contributing factor to many of health issues in the world today.

But the good news is we live in a time when there are so many options that are available to us, to help us and guide us to optimal health. However, the only thing holding us back from achieving the bodies and health we want – is ourselves. The excuses we tell ourselves, all the times we’ve said no to the right things and yes to the wrong things.

I designed Cut the Crap Club to help us mere mortals eliminate those excuses and say yes to the right things.

Reason #4 – You have zero body image issues

Even though I’m thin, when I look at the back of my legs and see that cellulite, I cringe. Yuck. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I had any confidence to wear a bikini at the beach. And Yes, I am someone who is thin and have been fit my entire life. I still have body image issues and is something I work on regularly.

Now, I know you don’t understand any of this because you have zero body image issues. But many of us struggle every day because we feel we are too fat, have too many freckles, think our noses are too big, our hair is too curly, our elbows look funny and our ears are lopsided. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy.

While it’s easy for you to say, “Just love yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are”, that’s easier said than done. While it can be done, it does take time, it does take a shift in our mindset and it takes practice. In Cut the Crap Club we tackle body image and I focus on encouraging and guiding my members to find their self-worth, build their self-confidence and truly believe they ARE beautiful and that all-elbows look funny!  

Reason #5 – Every day you are motivated to eat healthily and workout

Wow, were you sent from heaven, because you totally got your shit together. I’m in the business of health and fitness. And while I love working out and being active, I’ll admit there are times when I’d much rather binge watch Game of Thrones and eat ice cream than go for a run or do burpees and squats. I’m only human and from time to time even I need a push, I need support and someone to motivate me to move my arse and help me choose carrot sticks over potato chips.

The most successful people in the world, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, community leaders, all have help. They all know they would never be where they are if there wasn’t someone in their life to support them on their journey.

I’ve built Cut the Crap Club as a support network, it’s a community of like-minded women and men looking for guidance and who are ready to take action on reaching their health goals. There is strength in numbers.

But none of this matters to you right? You’re perfect!

If you’d still like to join, do so today because the doors will close Monday, July 4th.

Why I Started Cut the Crap Club

Why I Started Cut the Crap Club

Why I Started Cut the Crap Club

The Cut the Crap Club is something I have been working on for months and months. It all came about because I had clients who wanted to continue working with me but didn’t have a) the finances to continue meeting with me each week and b) couldn’t afford the 1 hour of time to work out with me.

As a nutritionist and personal trainer, it’s always hard to hear that a client can no longer continue for whatever the reason. It hurts because I see them doing so well, their body is changing, they are getting stronger, more flexible and feel less pain. Their attitude and outlook on life are becoming more positive and I see them growing into themselves and gaining more self-worth and confidence.

So when those clients said they could no longer continue, I had to find a way for them to continue their healthy journey without them struggling with time or money. They had worked so hard to get where they were I didn’t want them to ‘fall off the wagon’ for lack of a better term. I’ve seen it many times before, when clients stop working with me, they no longer have the accountability and motivation. It’s so easy to say, tomorrow, or just this one cookie (which often always turns into 8 cookies or the whole box!)

Does any of that sound familiar?

That’s when it hit me!

I could create workout videos and meal plans for my clients and send them every couple of weeks. My clients loved the idea and said let’s do it.

This is how Cut the Crap Club was born.

My mission has been and still is, to make healthy living realistic, accessible and doable for everyone and anyone who wants change. Who wants to live a healthier life. Who desires to be stronger, fitter, happier and feel more confident in themselves.

I get how busy we are all, how stressed for time we are. That money is tight. That you are tired and have no energy. That maybe you have low self-confidence and don’t feel you are worth the investment.

But the truth of the matter is this.

Without your health. What do you have?

Not a whole lot.

When we are healthy, when we feel like we’ve got all the energy in the world. When we feel strong. When we feel happy with ourselves. When we love the way we look. When we fit into those pair of jeans from 10 years ago. When we wake up in the morning pain-free.

We feel rich. We can do anything. The world is our oyster.  

Your health is your most important asset.

The choices you make about your health is solely your responsibility.

Keep this in mind, every time you put something into your mouth you are either fighting disease or feeding it.

Yes, I know it can be hard and confusing and frustrating. But those things can be overcome and shouldn’t be the things that stop you from reaching success in your life.

How many times have you said, “tomorrow”, or “Monday” or “in the new year”?

How many times have you gone back and forth on a decision to make the healthier choice and take action?

Don’t you think, it’s time to stop the flip flopping, the frustration, the overwhelm and make the leap.

If you believe that you deserve the best health, if you believe you deserve to feel sexy and strong, if you believe you should wake up each day with vibrance and energy, if you believe that you are worth more.

Then I encourage, to become a member of Cut the Crap Club, right now, in this moment.

Too many tomorrows, Mondays and next years have already passed you by.

And I believe you are worth it.

Join now, enrolment will be closing Monday, July 4th at 11pm EDT.

Sprouts: Some of the most nutritious food on the planet!

Sprouts: Some of the most nutritious food on the planet!

Sprouts: Some of the most nutritious food on the planet!

Sprouts or what I like to call them, living food, are among some of the most nutritious foods on the planet because they are still alive, they are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and amino acids, way more than any raw fruit or vegetable.

We usually only think beans can be sprouted but did you know you can also sprout nuts, seeds and grains like quinoa. When sprouted you improve the quality of protein and increase its fibre content.

Sprouts have so many health benefits, here are just a few:

Improves Digestion

Sprouts are loaded with beneficial enzymes and enzymes are a very important part of the digestive process. Enzymes are required to break down food and they help increase the absorption of nutrients. And because sprouts are very rich in fibre they contribute to colon health and keeping you regular.

Weight Loss

These puppies are loaded with nutritious but are very low in calories. The fibre found in sprouts help keep you full and satisfied and help reduce cravings for those sinful foods such as sugar!

Cancer Prevention

Loaded with antioxidants, sprouts can help fight against free radical damage. Free radicals are natural cells that have gone to cuckoo land and mutate into cancerous cells.

Here’s the best part, they are very inexpensive, for pennies you could have an amazingly nutritious meal. And you can make them at home, in your kitchen!

All you need is a jar, a sprout bag or plant the seeds in a tray with soil.

Depending on your seeds you will need to soak them first for 8 to 12 hours. Place them in your jar and give them a rinse every couple of days. You’ll soon start to see them sprout, within a week you can start to eat them.

Local food at it’s best!

Take Control and Diminish PMS Symptoms with These 4 Foods

Take Control and Diminish PMS Symptoms with These 4 Foods

Take Control and Diminish PMS Symptoms with These 4 Foods

In episode 20 of the Cut the Crap & Keep it Real Podcast I had Ali Schueler as my guest and we were talking about our menstrual cycles and she also gave us some great tips on how to make PMS our bitch. I highly recommend you give that episode a listen.

Today I want to give you some foods that can help alleviate PMS symptoms before they start and a couple of my own tricks to help ease cramps and moodiness.

So let’s start with food. The trick here is to consume these on a regular basis but really think about eating them, at least, a week before day one of your period.

Essential fatty acids most importantly omega 3. I’ve talked in depth about fats in episode 9, I’d recommend listening to that episode if you are looking for greater detail about what fats are safe to consume, how to cook them and store them. You really want those healthy fats. Chia seeds, hemp, eggs (if you eat them), fatty fish like wild salmon. EFA’s help boost your mood and function like an anti-depressant. They can really help balance our mood and prevent those moments when you want to punch your significant other in the throat.

Magnesium. Right before or during your period you may get an insane craving for chocolate. That’s because a good quality raw dark chocolate has magnesium and magnesium helps relax our muscles, it’s great to help ease the cramps. I also like to drink a cup of magnesium in hot water before doing to bed. You can buy magnesium powder and before going to sleep put in it hot water and drink. This is also a great way to help you sleep too. Because when it’s that time of the month our sleep is also disturbed.

Leafy greens. Kale, spinach, romaine. Ever get acne on your period. Leafy greens have an abundance of health benefits and should be consumed daily. But they are rich in vitamin A which a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents dry skin and acne.

Stay hydrated. So so important. Keep drinking your water. Aim for 2 to 3 litres daily. Ever feel like a puffy marshmallow. You bloat, breasts are tender, feet and hands swell. Some of us can gain up to 5 lbs a week before our periods. Crazy eh?

At lastly, my go-to trick for cramps. Heat. If I can stay home, I’ll just lie down with a heating pad or hot water bottle and put it directly on my cramps. The heat really helps to relax the muscles and reduce cramps. If I have to be active and go outside. I use those heat strips you can use for back pain or shoulders pain. You can buy them in any pharmacy. I stick them right on my abdomen, they can last up to 12 hours some of them. So all day I’ve got this relaxing heat which helps reduce the need to punch someone in the face if they look at me the wrong way!!

Coffee: the pros and cons

Coffee: the pros and cons

Coffee: the pros and cons

Some of you feel like you can’t live without it, your addicted, you must have your coffee when you wake up in the morning.

So, I’m going to share some pros and cons of coffee.

First off just like anything you consume, to get the greatest benefits you must make sure it’s the best quality you can get and afford. Think of your coffee as a fine wine, or a really good quality organic raw chocolate. Quality is what reigns here. And you should also understand that there is great differences between different types of coffee such as instant coffee, an espresso or filter coffee. They each have pros/cons.

Here are just a few cons:

  1. it can affect your sleep and sleep patterns
  2. can raise blood pressure
  3. acts as a diuretic causing dehydration and a loss of vitamins B & C as well as calcium, zinc and iron
  4. the acids can aggravate heartburn, and is associated with digestive discomfort & indigestion
  5. can stain your teeth
  6. it can affect certain medications being absorbed
  7. it’s addictive
  8. it can imbalance your electrolytes
  9. it can affect your adrenals causing fatigue, low energy, sugar cravings and heightened stress.

Ok, so that’s not depressing at all!!

Here’s the good news, the pros. But understand this is for a good quality organic coffee that is consumed black. Avoid the sugar, milks, creams, flavourings.

  1. coffee may cut stroke risk by as much as 25%. Data shown at the European Meeting on Hypertension 2012 found that 1 to 3 cups a day may protect against ischemic stroke in the general population.
  2. cancer – moderate to heavy coffee consumption (4-6 cups per day) may help reduce the risk of various cancers. The benefits are partly due to coffee’s antioxidant and anti-mutagenic properties.
  3. Weight loss and diabetes – studies have linked coffee consumption with improved blood sugar metabolism, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and promotion of weight loss in overweight people, this of course is without all the sugar.
  4. Liver disease – coffee has been reported to slow disease progression in alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The liver helps to break down coffee, but coffee might also protect the liver (in some cases).

With all of that of course I’m going to give you a couple of recommendations. Got to give you some action steps, right! LOL

For every cup of coffee you drink you are going to match it with water. It’s so important to stay hydrated. The body is a flowing river, remember.

If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, swap only one of those cups for a tea, try a green tea, rooibos, herbal, chai. Switch it up, add a little more excitement to your day!

5 Reasons why you need to eat chocolate!

5 Reasons why you need to eat chocolate!

5 Reasons why you need to eat chocolate!

Theobroma Cacao. What? I’m talking the seduction of chocolate. Why you should be eating it and what you should be looking for in your chocolate.  Theobroma comes from the greek words Theo meaning ‘god’ and broma meaning ‘food’. Which translates to ‘food of the gods’.  How very  fitting.

A few years ago I read a great book called Bitter Chocolate: Investigating the Dark Side of the World’s Most Seductive Sweet. If you want to learn more about the history of chocolate, the big companies that are involved and the chocolate industry is this a fascinating and disgusting look at the industry.

Here are some interesting facts about chocolate:

  • Over 70% of the worlds chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast and Ghana in West Africa.
  • It takes approx 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450g) of chocolate
  • M&M’s were invented in 1941 for soldiers to enjoy without it melting.
  • The average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts – well, we can say it’s got some protein in it!!
  • And apparently there’s a pill that makes farts smell like chocolate, hmmm I know a few people I could give that to!

So, why should you be eating chocolate. There are many health benefits to a good quality dark chocolate.  And that’s the key. You want the chocolate to be dark, at least 70%, organic and fair trade.  These are all qualities I look for in my chocolate.

Here are just 5 quick benefits of chocolate

Reason #1 – Heart Heath

Organic dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure and lower “bad” LDL cholesterol

Reason #2 – Prevents Diabetes

Dark chocolate has been shown to inhibit blood sugar issues to help prevent diabetes and obesity.

Reason #3 – Eases PMS

Because dark chocolate contains magnesium it’s great for relaxing muscle cramps.  It’s probably one of the reasons women crave chocolate around that special time of  month.

Reason #4 – Anti-Depressant

Dark chocolate contains serotonin and stimulates endorphin production.  How could anyone feel depressed when eating chocolate!

Reason #5 – Reduces Stress

Eating just 1-2 ounces of dark chocolate a day can help reduce stress levels.

Want to try a unique chocolate treat, try my Chocolate Avocado Pudding, it’s quick and easy to make and tastes divine!

What you need to know about your poop!

What you need to know about your poop!

What you need to know about your poop!

It’s time to get up close and personal with your…poop.  Yes, you heard me right.  We are shit talking today!

Fibre is a very important part of your overall health and I go into detail about the two sources of fibre you should be consuming daily, soluble fibre and insoluble fibre on this blog.

So, now that you’ve increased your fibre intake and drinking 2 litres of water, you should be pooping daily (I hope).

Before you flush, I want you to know take a good look at what just came out.  Yes, it’s time to examine it, I know it’s gross, but get over it, it’s a part of you. I’m not asking you to put it on a slab and dissect it, but if that’s your thing, go ahead, I won’t judge! 🙂

Your stool, can tell you so much about your health and what is actually happening inside your digestive system.

First of all your stool is about 75 percent water. The rest is a combination of fibre, live and dead bacteria, miscellaneous cells and mucus.

There are 3 things you want to take note of when it’s time to go.

  1. frequency (how often you are going, or not going)
  2. form or shape
  3. colour


You should be going at least once a day, every day!  Some people may go 2-3 times a day, this all depends on your own individual metabolism, the types of food are you eating, the quantity of food and if you have a healthy amount of good flora in your gut.

If you are not going at least once daily, you are suffering from constipation.  So, this is something you need to get sorted ASAP, pooping is one of the ways our bodies eliminate toxins, so if you are not eliminating, those toxins will be reabsorbed into the body.  This can then increase your risk of colon cancer and other colon issues such as hemorrhoids.

If you are going more than 3 times daily, then you’ve got diarrhea, which could mean there is a digestive issue happening.  I would recommend seeing your health care practitioner to check for IBS, allergies, crohn’s and colitis.

Form & Shape

There is a chart called the Bristol Stool Chart

It breaks down the different shapes and sizes of stool and what they mean.  A healthy stool will be similar in size and shape to a banana, it should be smooth and silky.  And easy to eliminate, there should be no pushing involved and should come out within 60 secs of sitting on the toilet.  If you are on the thrown for more than 60 secs, get off you’re not ready to go yet.

This is not the time to read the newspaper or magazine!


I want you to think milk chocolate…got it, this is what you want your poop to look like.

However, if your poop is black, this could mean there is blood higher up in your GI tract, if you see red, there could be blood lower in the GI tract, if it’s yellow/orange, there could be a malabsorption issues, green could mean low bile salt production or there is a high intake of iron.

However, do take note of foods that are you eating also, eating a lot of leafy greens or carrots, beets, they can change the colour too.

There you have it, next time you go, take note of frequency, shape and colour.

Start learning more about yourself and taking more control of your health.

Knowledge is power.

Keys Benefits of Vitamin D

Keys Benefits of Vitamin D

Keys Benefits of Vitamin D

It’s a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning when you take it internally it needs fat to be absorbed through the intestinal wall.  The UV rays from the sun act on the oils of your skin to produce the vitamin which is then absorbed into the body.

This amazing vitamin can be acquired by sunlight, diet or supplements.

It’s usually measured in IU’s which stands for International Units.

To understand how many IU’s you need to be taking daily, that all depends on where you live, the season you are in, your age and your current state of health.  It’s best to see your health care provider and get your Vitamin D levels checked then you’ll have a better understanding of how much you need to take.

But let me share with you what Vitamin D can do for you

  • it can properly utilize calcium and phosphorus to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy, important if you have osteoporosis, or want to prevent it.
  • it keeps your immune system strong, when taken with vitamin A & C it can aid in preventing a cold or flu
  • may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, improves the cognitive function in people over 65
  • it can help cut the risk of breast, colon, prostate and ovarian cancers
  • and it can help ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it boosts our serotonin production, that feel good hormone,  helping you to feel calm and happy

So, what can happen when we are deficiency in vitamin D?

  • rickets, tooth decay, osteoporosis, you can also increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and cancers.  And low vitamin D levels have also been linked to Parkinson’s disease.

How do you get you vitamin D?

  • the sun! try to get 10 minutes of sunlight on your skin without sunscreen daily (if you live in Canada like me, this is hard to do in the winter)
  • foods sources are fish liver oils, sardines, herring, salmon,think oily fish, eggs, mushrooms
  • when buying a vitamin D supplement you want Vitamin D3.

And to note the darker your skin, the more you’ll need to supplement with D because you are absorbing less sunlight.  And Vitamin D synthesis in the skin declines with age, so as we age we will want to be supplementing more often.

Drink Water Upon Waking Up – 6 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial

Drink Water Upon Waking Up – 6 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial

Drink Water Upon Waking Up – 6 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial

Did you know when we wake up in the morning we are the most dehydrated.  Drinking water first thing has a number of benefits such as:

  • Cleanses the colon, this is very effective if you are someone who suffers from constipation, which most of us do (esp. if you live on a processed food, low fibre)
  • Helps purge toxins from the body which keeps your skin clear and glowing
  • Increases production of new blood cells
  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Helps “break the fast” and aids with digestion before you eat
  • Wakes you up and provides energy

So, how do you do this?


Set a glass of water on your bedside table before going to bed.  It’s there when you wake up.  Before even getting out of that bed, drink that water.

Now, if you are someone who’s saying “oh no I need my coffee first thing in the morning”.  Bull shit, no you don’t, that’s all in your head.  You’re body doesn’t need coffee first thing.

If you are someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water, start with 8oz first thing then work your way up to 1 litre.  I guarantee you, over time you will feel more awake, your bowels will be working better making you feel lighter, you’ll have less aches and pains, and a clearer head.

Remember, no excuses are allowed here.

Try it, even for just one week.

You are no longer saying no to yourself.

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an incredible oil that you can use to benefit your health and body inside and out.  Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic.  While there are many uses for coconut oil, here are just a few to get you started to enjoy and reap the benefits.


1.  Makeup remover – rub some coconut oil on your face, then wipe with a cotton ball or pad

2.  Eye cream – dab under your eyes to help reduce puffiness, bags and reduce wrinkles

3.  Hair conditioner – for deep conditioning rub about a tablespoon of oil into your scalp and gently work through to the ends.  Put on a shower cap to prevent the oil from soiling your pillow case and leave on overnight.  Wash out in the morning and it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.

4.  Coconut oil is known to have a small amount of SPF, but it can also be used for sun burn relief

5.  Natural deodorant, mix a little coconut oil with aluminium free baking soda (so it makes a paste) and rub on.  Also, try adding an essential oil such as lavender to add a beautiful scent.

6.  When you apply the oil directly to a bug bite, it can help relieve the itching and burning sensation.

7.  Coconut oil is great to relieving skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

8.  Mixing coconut oil with baking soda can also be a beneficial toothpaste, add some peppermint essential oil if you want minty fresh breath.

9.  If you get a cut or scrape, dab some oil on your wound, it is great as a disinfectant.

10.  Daily moisturizer.

11.  Lubricant – YES! Coconut oil is all natural and perfectly safe to use…and it tastes good too!


12.  Energy boost – coconut oil is not an oil that stores itself in the body it actually gets used as energy.  Need little pick me up, or are preparing for and endurance workout, try a teaspoon of coconut oil.

13.  It has been shown to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health

14.  Keeps blood sugar and insulin stable and helps decease cravings.

15.  Can help reduce inflammation in the body

16. Lose weight, because it can boost your energy it helps you burn more fat

17.  It has been shown that coconut oil is improving brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s.

18.  During cold and flu season, be sure to increase your intake of coconut oil as it’s been shown to strengthen the immune system.

19.  Suffering from Candida, because coconut oil’s anti-fungal properties it can be use internally and externally to help kill and prevent yeast overgrowth in the body.

20.  Because of it’s fat balance (it’s high in healthy saturated fat), this can be nourishing to the thyroid and improve it function.

When purchasing coconut oil be sure to buy virgin organic coconut oil, preferably in a glass jar.  You should store it in your cupboard, if you keep it in your fridge it will get too hard for use.

What are some of your favourite ways to use coconut oil? Share in the comments below.