8 Awesomely Easy Tips To Get Your Closets Ready For Spring

Guest Post by Dawn Falcone

Spring is officially the time of the year that everyone is itching to let go. Let go of bad habits, old rountines and stuff. Lots. Of. Stuff. So where should you start? I’m a fan of hitting your closets first. It will set a rhythm and moving on to purge other areas of your home (or life) will be a breeze.

First, here’s something to ponder:

The average woman only wears 20% of the clothing in her closet on a regular basis. 

That’s a whole lot of stuff not being used. Keep that in mind as you open those closet doors.

Are you ready? Here we go!

  1. Define Your Current Style– Really take a step back and think about what style of clothing looks best on your body now. What do you feel good in? What’s your daily like like? It may be time to let go of those ripped jeans from college or boho chic dresses. If you’re struggling to define your personal style then pull from your closet the 5 outfits that you wear the most. What is similar about these pieces? You can build from there.
  1. Create “Donate or Giveaway” Piles– My clients have an easier time letting go of things if they have a place to donate to. Many people have emotional connections to clothing so knowing that it will go to a good home to be used again makes all the difference. Do some research on local donation centers before you start purging. There are lots of organizations in need of business clothing, sportswear and formal wear. Many cities now have clothing recycling centers. Goodwill, Salvation Army and local churches are always excellent options.
  1. Sort All Like Items Together– I know this sounds totally boring, but believe me, you have more black pants than you think. Gather them all from different closets, drawers or the laundry room and put them together in a pile. Do this with everything from jeans to tank tops to sweaters. Grouping like items together, taking a step back (to ponder how you accumulated so many damn tights) will do you a world of good. And it will be easier to cut that pile in half once you realize you hardly wear any of it.
  1. Try Those Clothes On– Sometimes we hang onto things that do not even fit us or that we just don’t feel good in. I understand that weight can fluctuate and you do not want to get rid of all of your clothes just because you are up a size, but be honest with yourself. Are you holding onto something that hasn’t fit you in years? Do you have outfits that you just don’t love no matter how much they cost? Live in the now and feel great about yourself right in this moment. A closet full of of stuff that doesn’t fit or that doesn’t make you feel good will not help your self-esteem. When in doubt, donate it out.
  1. 2 Year Rule– This is really simple – if you have not worn something in at least the last 2 years let it go. This goes for things only worn once or even the stuff that still has price tags on it. No more saving an outfit for the perfect occasion. This is tough love time – say goodbye.
  1. Ripped, Stained, Faded Or Needs Alterations– I use this rule with everything from kids toys to furniture – if it’s broken, ripped, stained or faded it has to go. Now you may have a great fitting pair of faded jeans that you love – keep those. Faded wool coat – bye bye. What about that pile of clothes that needs some new buttons, zippers or alterations? How long has it been in that condition? If it’s longer than a year then out it goes. If it’s less then try it on to make sure it still fits and you like the way you look and feel in it. Then think about the cost to have everything fixed. If you do not truly love it or will not wear it, then add to donation or recycling pile.
  1. Organize By Color or Casual vs. Dressy– There are lots of different ways to organize your closet once the sort and  purge are complete. You can group like items together such as capri pants, dress pants, jeans, etc. You can put all casual clothing toward the front of your closet and work/dressy clothing toward the back (or vice verse). I’m a huge fan of organizing by color. In my own closet I begin with my white shirts. I place all camisoles or sleeveless shirts 1st, then short sleeve white shirts and then long sleeve white shirts next. Within each color category I put casual 1st and then dressy next. I then work my way through the rainbow.
  1. Get Some New Closet Accessories– No more wire hangers! Invest in some nice hangers (I’m a fan of Huggable Hangers) and other accessories like shelf dividers if you fold jeans or sweaters. Get something to hold your belts. Come up with storage solutions for your purses and scarves. Invest in some closet organization tools after you do the sort and purge (not before) so you’ll have a better idea of what you need.


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dawnfalconelaughingDawn Falcone (aka The Chaos Liberator) empowers overwhelmed momprenuers to cut through the clutter and chaos in their home, schedule and mind so they can rock their business and can stop losing it with their family. She’s super passionate about getting organized because she’s seen the benefits first hand with her clients and in her very own life. Dawn is on a mission to kick clutter & chaos to the curb once and for all! Dawn is a proud member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) , NAPO-NY and is a certified interior environmental coach. Her work has appeared in many publications including: Real Simple, Woman’s World, Home And Garden Television, and Apartment Therapy.