5 Natural “Pick Me Ups” for an Energy Boost

We all feel low energy from time to time. Some of us more than others unfortunately. Instead of heading for the coffee try these natural, healthier ways to give you an energy boost and avoid that 3pm slump.

1. Smell the Lemons

Sniffing lemons or better yet lemon essential oil. Lemons are considered and uplifting and energizing scent. If you’re energy is low smell the lemons!

2. Move your Arse!

Get outside and go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air. Moving the body, getting the blood flowing and breathing more oxygen into the body are all an easy, inexpensive way to boost your energy anytime of the year. Yes, even when it’s cold outside!

3. Laugh

Laughing is not only a great stress reducer, it’s perfect for boosting your energy. If you’ve got a 10 minute break during your work day, hop on to YouTube and watch some funny videos, like this one or this one.

4. Hydrate

If you are feeling tired or low energy, drink some life…water! Water is life and when we are dehydrated our bodies can’t function as they should. Add some lemon to your water for an even greater energy boost.

5. Drink Matcha Green Tea

Samurai warriors would drink matcha green tea before going to battle for endurance and keeping their energy up. You also won’t feel the side-effects you do with other stimulants like coffee.

What naturally ways do you use to keep your energy up? Share in the comments below.