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Hi, I’m Tanya

I’m a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. Here’s the professional facts, I studied nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a personal trainer with Can-Fit Pro. In my day to day work I do such things as cooking classes and demos, I have done many lectures and education classes on nutrition, fitness and living a life that doesn’t suck! And I also work with individuals one-on-one either in nutrition and/or personal training.  And in a past life I owned a health food store.  That was cool!

Here’s the more juicy stuff.

I eat meat and chocolate and ice cream and burgers and I also enjoy a glass of ice wine from time to time. Yes, you read all that right. I personally follow the 80/20 rule. I live a healthy life day to day, I drink green smoothies, eat raw food, meditate, exercise, breathe, stretch, sometimes I’m gluten free and vegan and I even detox from time to time. But I also LIVE life and enjoy myself. I know and understand that I am solely responsible for my own health, it’s up to me and only me to make the best of what this life has to offer, so I grab it with both hands and make life happen.

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Want to work with me?

Here’s how I work. I love to laugh and have fun with all my clients, this is a journey we are on together so why not enjoy it. I’m here to support, motivate, guide and give you the arse kicking you need to get your health on track. I don’t accept excuses or BS, I don’t like drama nor do I have time for those who play the victim. I only work with individuals who are ready to take charge and make a change. I will provide you with all the tools but it’s up to you to take action on them. You and only you are responsible for your health, happiness and life. Great health starts with great digestion, I will always start with getting your digestive system in optimal form. If you want to get started on improving your digestion today, take my free 7 day mini course to better digestion. I have worked with a wide range of clients and have helped them lose weight, PMS, clear skin, diabetes, cravings, increase energy, digestive issues and more.

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I am thankful for what I have learned from you in this mini course. Most of the steps are becoming habit and I am noticing positive changes. For many years I have dealt with digestive discomfort, primarily in the bowel, and have been diagnosed with “non specific” colitis.  I have been prescribed A drug that helps calm the irritated bowel, but for a long time have been looking for a drug free route to healing.   Your six steps have produced noticeable benefits and I look forward to continued improvement.
You rock!
Bruce Janz

Just listened to episode 2. It was like you could see inside my thoughts. I care what people think about me, always wondering. I got up this morning thinking I should go to Curves, I knew I wanted to go, but my thoughts were not there to go. When I started the circuit, I was not really “there”, but I soon got into a positive frame of mind and came home glad that I went. Then I listened to your episode 2- WOW , you were direct, and I thought “she is talking just to me”
I am struggling with weight loss, I know the basics because I go to Curves & Weight Watchers. But, I can’t stop cheating, I go to WW and say “well life happened” & I don’t lose. Well, I know now that that is bullshit. Your frankness about getting my shit together, I really needed that, to do it for myself, not for others. Positive thinking starts NOW!!!
THANKS for a great episode.
Judy Taylor

I have “coped” with psoriasis for over 25 years and have literally tried “everything” to deal with it. Creams, salves, lotions and potions … I even thought about voodoo once! Tanya made one particular recommendation that has virtually cleared up the psoriasis on my elbows, knees and the small of my back. I still can’t believe it! Thanks Tanya – that recommendation coupled with the specific tips you offered on improving my diet, have resulted in my feeling better about myself than I have done in many years.
David Nairn